Professional Agile Leadership™ Evidence-Based Management™

Agile Leadership™ Evidence-Based Management™

Learn about current research in the area of self-organizing teams and learn how to support and develop such teams.

Learn basic knowledge and skills of how to lead a change in culture and behavior and thus contribute to the success of agile transformation.

Course dates

Who should attend

Managers and leaders who work with agile teams, both starting and experienced. Middle managers involved in an agile transformation.

Target audience

  • Agile team managers and leaders
  • Managers involved in agile transformation
  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners


To succeed in today's ever-changing world, companies need to be more agile, faster and more responsive to customer needs and market changes. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to increase the agility of your organization.

What will you learn?

  • Measure the impacts and benefits of agile transformation
  • How an agile approach will increase your competitive advantage
  • Practical skills in leading, coaching and supporting agile teams
  • How you, as a manager or leader, can contribute to the success of an agile transformation

Course content

  • Maturity of teams
  • Wilbur's model with examples
  • How to choose agilists for teams
  • Evidence Based Management
  • Hybrid model (agile + traditional approach)
  • How agility contributes to the success of your organization
  • Research in the field of self-organizing teams
  • Conditions for a successful self-organizing teams


The globally recognized Professional Agile Leadership I certification exam demonstrates your understanding of how an agile approach contributes to the success of your business and how you can contribute to the success of agile transformation.

  • Exam: 80 questions / 60 minutes
  • Pass mark: 85%
  • Lifetime validity, no renewal necessary
  • If you attempt the assessment during 14 days after receiving a code and fail, you will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

Why courses and certification
from is one of the world's largest organizations providing education and internationally recognized Scrum certifications. It was founded in 2009 by Ken Schwaber, the co-author of Scrum. The mission of is to increase the professionalism of product development.

  • places very high demands on the quality, experience and knowledge of its Professional Scrum Trainers (PST).
  • Consistent training materials maintained by the world PST community according to the latest knowledge and supervised by Ken Schwaber.
  • trainers bring their rich experience from real projects and agile transformations to the courses.
  • certification does not reward you for attending a course, but for successfully passing a challenging test that demonstrates your knowledge and experience.

Our trainers,
experienced SCRUM Masters

Karel Smutný

Karel Smutný

Professional Scrum Trainer™
Professional Scrum Trainer™

Karel is a team and organizational coach with more than 10 years of experience with Scrum adoptions and agile transformations. During that time he worked with more than 70 teams in dozens of companies of ... Show all

Accredited by

Magdalena Firlit

Professional Scrum Trainer™
Professional Scrum Trainer™

Magda is a Scrum trainer and agile trainsformations consultant. She has over 20 years of professional experience, 11 of which are in agile environments. Magda speaks regularly at agile conferences and uni... Show all

Accredited by

Course schedule
Professional Agile Leadership™ Evidence-Based Management™

Day 1 Show agenda Hide agenda

Why Agile

  • Agile principles and values
  • How agility contributes to your success



People and Teams

  • People development
  • Self-organising team development

Přínos agility

  • Metriky přínosů agility
  • Evidence Based Management



Agilní transformace

  • Jak zvyšovat agilitu
  • Výzvy hybridního světa

Candidates learn through hands-on experience and group exercises. This is the only way they can immediately apply and better understand the agile approach, i.e. what to do, when to do it and why.

Professional Agile Leadership Essential (PAL-E) is therefore a state-of-the-art course, run only by top trainers who have to pass strict criteria in terms of consistency and quality of teaching for students.
Lenght of block 180 minutes
Total lessons 16 hours
Refreshment Yes
Exam Yes
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