Do not try to invent what has already been invented. Experience the best of a 24-month project in 6 hours. Learn what you actually need. Without compromise.

This cannot get more real

Is there a point in applying „best practices“ in your organization? In your projects? With your peoplei?

Yes, because you will practice everything on real numbers, projects and challenges. You will face real problems, but everything will take place in a safe simulated environment.

Your project in rough

The mistakes you make will be real

But they will not generate real negative (red) numbers. No delays, additional costs, or quality losses, that would cost your manager or endanger the entire organization. The game leader will give you 360 feedback and show you how to close the gaps, fix the defects and how to proceed next.

Typical setting

All those traps, that are waiting for you in 4 rounds will show you mistakes and non-functional processes.

SCOPING: you will experience the best of 24 months of agile adaptation in 6 hours. You will then be able to prepare the scope of the project in a more effective way.

BUY-IN: you will get valuable concepts on how your organization can work better, including changes in culture, structure, methodologies, or processes.

AGILE TRANSFORMATION: you will try change management, harmonize knowledge, test the functionality of future projects. This helps avoid failures but also a number of mistakes.

TRAINING: Interactive simulations allow you to test the gray theory on your projects in practice. Moreover, it does not require prior knowledge of agile and Scrum.

Benefits of the simulation

  • „A-ha“ moment saves your time and money
  • Intensive 24-month-long project in 6 hours
  • Reduced downtime, faster testing and results
  • Dynamic involvement of all members, including CEO, CIO, etc ..
  • Faster transformation of vision into specific scenarios
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