DevOps Simulace

DevOps Simulace

Interaktivní workshop, ve kterém si "face to face" osvojíte přínosy a pozitivní dopady DevOps. Simulace akceleruje adaptaci DevOpsu napříč organizací. Mění odpůrce tohoto přístupu na obhájce. Jednoznačně jde o nejlepší způsob, jak komunikovat přínosy na praktických příkladech a zapojit všechny zainteresované do společného rozvoje a budování vysoce výkonného DevOps týmu.


The G2G3 Agile & DevOps simulation is suitable for:

  • Executive, Business
  • Development, Operations
  • For tool and services vendors promoting Agile solution.
  • Engaging those involved in Service, Process & Integration roles

How sim Works

The G2G3 DevOps simulation experience is

Role based workshop, focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle.

The simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful Agile, Scrum & DevOps practices.

SIM is delivered over 3 rounds

Participants from a variety of disciplines (Business, Development, Test, QA and Operations) are immersed into a simulated environment whereby they are challenged to release new products whilst internal and external forces continually change.

This realistic approach delivers a level of tension and excitement that creates an ‘a-ha’ moment for all involved.


The award-winning DevOps simulation is a role-based workshop, focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle. Generally 12-25 people take part and split into a number of roles

Round 1: Chaos

Work is badly organised, teams are disconnected and isolated, progress is slow, and errors are frequent and significant. Ultimately the business performs poorly in market.

Round 2: Improved

Work is organised, prioritised and tracked. Development, testing, and operations teams are more aligned, identifying errors earlier in the cycle and resolving these quickly. The customer is engaged throughout the process and more value is delivered to the business.

Round 3: Optimised

Automation and virtualisation technologies deliver greater throughput and increased quality. Technical debt is managed and reduced. Teams are well aligned, not just with each other but with the business.

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